Homemade Creative Cuisine

with a Cretan Twist.

Since 1980

Greek Cuisine With A Modern Twist

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Beautiful view of the Cretan Sea, 40 years of experience and your love are all part of the magical experience of eating in “Piato”.


Our Restaurant

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Our priority is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our space. This is the only way we can offer you the best possible experience!


About Us

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Our creativity pushes us to constantly find new flavor combinations! Every detail is important to be sure that we offer you the best possible hospitality!

Suggestions from our menu

The menu is edited by our chef Alexandros Kiousabas.

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Traditional Cretan pasta

19,50 €

braised lamb, dry anthotiro cheese cream, aromatic herbs

Tuna fillet | Gf


grilled, chicory or endive, Beluga black lentils, raisin sauce



with croaker, kritamu pesto & smoked onion

Veal top sirloin | Gf


carrot puree, roasted broccoli, lapata, garlic

Grilled leek pie

9,00 €

wholemeal dough, aromatic herbs, traditional xygalo cheese from Siteia

Chickpea meatballs | Gf Vn

11,50 €

Constantinople style salad, crab, parsley vinaigrette

Shrimp saganaki | Gf*

14,50 €

xinohondros (whole wheat coarsely ground and mixed with goat’s milk, sundried) cake, sheep milk feta cheese, red basil

Marinated sea bass | Gf

16,50 €

boiled in-season greens, courgette, spearmint, lemon in brine, black taramas (fish roe spread with cuttlefish ink)

Greek | Gf - Vn*

10,00 €

tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, pepper, white Selliano cheese, dako from carob & extra virgin olive oil

Seafood Dakos

14,50 €

with fresh tomato, white tarama, shrimps, mussels, squid & spices

Beetroot | Gf* - Vn

12,00 €

sour cherry glaze, pumpkin seeds, crispy mini pita breads, galomyzithra cheese ice cream

Orange | Gf - Vn

12,00 €

cold salad, fresh orange, fennel, caramelised almonds, dried figs, orange vinaigrette

Cretan Kings Mountain Beer

4.00 €

Pale GR Lager 500ml|
Rethymnon Brewery Rethimno, CRETE

Betta Local Craft Beer

6.50 €

Keen Amber Ale Unfiltered 500ml|
Dedalos Brewery Agios Nikolaosς, CRETE

Volkan Santorini Black

5.00 €

Wheat Lager 330ml|
Volkan Brewery Santorini, CYCLADES

Eza Hellenic Beer

3.50 €

Premium Pilsener 500ml|
Greek Brewery Atalanti, CENTRAL GREECE

Lazaridis, 'Malagouzia'


2021, Malagouzia, Macedonia

Venetsanos, 'Nykteri'


2020, Asirtiko/ Athiri / Aidani, Santorini

Malihin, 'Vidiano old vines'


2020, Vidiano, Crete

Skouras, 'Grande Cuvée Nemea'


2017, Agioritiko, Peloponnese

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Our Food

Our Food
The potatoes are fresh. We use virgin olive oil in salads & meals.
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Our Wines

Wine List
A wonderful collection with about 100 selections, from Greek producers.
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Our Menu

Our Menu
Please inform our staff of any allergies you may have.

Working hours

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Monday – Sunday

12:30pm – 11:30pm

Akti Iosif Koundourou 8, 72100 Ágios Nikólaos, Lasithi, Greece

+30 2841089494

For reservations call after 12:30pm


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